GIRLS pt. 2


drawing these is the most fun thing i’ve done in a while so, expect m o r e

Naomi Smalls


I think i’m going to make a series out of this. The third queen, the stunning Naomi Smalls is now part of it

c l o u t


same procedure here like with the girl with the glasses: 1. saw her on pinterest; 2. thought she looked hella cool; 3. decided to draw her

welcome Christa!


i remember exactly how this character was formed. it was about 2AM, i had my fairy lights on and i was doodling in my sketchbook while sitting on my bed, PLUS, it was snowing outside. Christa just came to my mind as i thought of, like, an ice princess/queen of some sort. i personally really […]

Girl with glasses


i saw this girl on pinterest and i thought she was hella pretty so i decided to draw her. idk, just looking at this picture brings a lot of joy with it (for me).



it’s 2:30AM and i really should go to sleep but this is so fun i can’t-



Another queen! Like my Sasha Velour drawing from RuPaul’s Drag Race i desperately wanted to draw Kim-Chi from season 9 so.. here she is!

Billie Eilish


I am in love with her style and her music, so this is her! Drawn with (+colored) pencils.

Ariana Grande’s „Yours Truly“ – album cover


The album cover of Ariana Grande’s „Yours Truly“, drawn with ballpoint pens, and (+colored“) pencils.

Sherlock Holmes